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    Caitlain's Corner is your Virtual Sex Education Campus!

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Here, you will find information regarding: Virtual Sex EC

Caitlain's Corner is your Virtual Sex Education Campus!

The Virtual Campus will teach you what you need to know to be able to enjoy your sexuality in a safe and healthy manner.

The web site is designed to provide honest, legitimate sex education to pre-teens, teens and young adults so that they can grow up with a safe, healthy appreciation for sex and their sexuality! Use the information on this web site to take ownership of your sexuality.

Caitlain's Corner is about more than just "sex," though. It is a comprehensive look at your sexuality. We'll teach you the techniques, but more importantly, we're going to put sex into context for you - we'll help you figure out and deal with the tremendous number of variables that go into defining who you are sexually. Whether you realize it or not, your sexuality is, and always will be, one of the central components of your "self." We're going to arm you with the information you need to make sure you make safe, informed, rational decisions about sex.

Here, you will find information regarding:

  • Puberty, sexual anatomy, how things work, and why they work the way they do.
  • Why it is important for you to take ownership of your sexuality, why it is important for your self esteem that you do it, and how to do it.
  • How sex and sexuality play a large role in determining who you are
  • How to develop and cultivate relationships, how to recognize and deal with abusive relationships.
  • The emotions involved in a sexual relationship, and how to make responsible decisions about whether or not to begin being sexual.
  • How condoms and other birth control works & how to prevent the spread of STDs.
  • Pregnancy and the options you have for dealing with it
  • Dealing with questions you have about your sexual orientation, and that there's nothing wrong with being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered or intersexed.
  • Why it is perfectly healthy to masturbate and how to masturbate.
  • Sexual concepts, techniques, "how-to" information, and discussion about some of the more advanced topics in the field of sexuality today.
  • Medical Provider
  • As you can see, that is a tremendous amount of information to cover. Our aim is to provide a single, comprehensive site loaded with anything you could ever want to know about your sexuality. That is why we consider this site the "Owner's Manual for Your Sexuality."

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    Sex Education

    Your adolescent years will, in all likelihood, be the most important time of your life in terms of your sexual development. It is during this period that you will learn what it means to be a sexual being and all that that entails.
    This portion of the web site is dedicated to teaching you the fundamentals about sex. You will find a wealth of information about self esteem (the very foundation upon which you build your sexual identity), how to take care of your body, relationship development, the good side and the bad side about having sex, and information about how to have sex when you decide that you've reached the point where you're ready to take that step.
    If you've arrived here seeking help regarding a pregnancy, I also have information about your options, including how to tell your parents, and the basics about the development of your baby. And, finally, I've attempted to provide some guidance for those who have questions or are seeking help about their sexual orientation.
    I won't tell you when you should or should not have sex. That responsibility falls solely on your shoulders. What I can do is give you the background you need to make safe, informed, responsible decisions.
    Please read through the information provided here and use it to your advantage. If you have questions, or think of something else I could provide here that might be of help to others, please feel free to contact us at caitlain@caitlainscorner.com!

    Sex & Sexuality

    The term “sexuality” itself is misused quite a bit. The word actually refers to the social, emotional and spiritual components that you identify you sexually, and represents the psychological aspects of your sexual identity.

    It includes such things as how you perceive your body sexually, how you choose to interact with others sexually, your philosophy on intimacy and emotional involvement within the context of sex, and your own personal limits on what you find acceptable in terms of sexual activity. Think of it as your sexual character!

    The term “sexuality”

    Sexuality is much more than just one concept, as you have discovered or will soon discover. It includes several components that interact to determine how you function sexually in society. It is important to understand the central concepts behind what we tend to globally group into the common term “sexuality” in order to fully understand and appreciate your sex life, the best way it is find sex pill for women.

    The term “sex” as used by most people refers to the actual mechanics of sexual intercourse. For some people this will include the precursors such as kissing, making out, foreplay, and all of the other activities that actually lead up to penetrative sexual intercourse. For others, it simply refers to the act of intercourse.

    When someone asks you if you’ve “had sex” your first thoughts are, most likely, of you and your partner in some form of missionary sex position going at it like a couple of banshees! You and your partner must come to an agreement on what “sex” means to your relationship. There are a variety of philosophical arguments about whether oral sex is "sex" for example. Only the two of you can determine that for your relationship.

    Sex/Orgasm Headaches

    Orgasm headache, medically known as orgasmic cephalalgia, is the onset of an intense, throbbing, bilateral (both sides of the head, front or back) headache prior to or just as an orgasm is occurring. Though they can be intense, they are benign and pose little threat to you other than severe discomfort and perhaps a psychological interference with sexual confidence. It is not uncommon for someone who experiences these for the first time to rush to the emergency room believing that something major is happening in their head. In most individuals, however, they occur sporadically and don’t always interfere with the sexual experience.

    No one knows for sure how many people are affected by this condition since the vast majority of people do not report it or seek treatment for it, especially if it occurs only infrequently. This condition is far more common in men than in women, and seems to strike most commonly in the 20-24 and 35-44 age ranges.

    What causes the headaches?

    No one really knows for sure. It is believed by some to be stress related – the stress may be physical (from a position you are in, for example) or it may be a psychological stress brought on by job, family situation, etc. Most headache studies have done little direct examination of this condition specifically, and in those instances where medical intervention was sought, there is typically no physical manifestation seen at the time of the exam if there was no underlying medical condition.

    Some practitioners will characterize it as an exertion-related problem and will recommend that you try to slow down the rate of sexual activity as orgasm nears in an attempt to prevent the headaches from becoming as severe as they might otherwise. This may work if the attacks only occur during physical sexual activity, but many males experience these headaches during masturbation, while they are not being very physically active at all. So, clearly, this is not always an exertion issue.

    Other researchers suspect that the increase in sexual arousal, which raises a person’s blood pressure and increases their heart rate, releases certain chemicals into the brain that might play a role. They further surmise that these chemicals then become a headache trigger. Interestingly, one of the more common side effects from medications used for erectile dysfunction (i.e., Viagra), is headache. Some now theorize that the chemical processes that cause this side effect (known as vasodilation, or a widening of the blood vessels) may be responsible for orgasm headaches as well.

    How can I treat them?

    There is no known wholly effective solution. Some people will have success with taking an anti-inflammatory medication, such as Aleve or other NSAID, an hour or so prior to engaging in sexual activity. If you also suffer from migraine headaches and are on a medication for that, some have experienced success with those medications as well. Typically, left untreated, the pain will go away within a short period following onset anyway, and will not require any specific medical intervention.

    If they become frequent or terribly bothersome to you, your doctor might be able to prescribe other medications used to treat headaches that might of some value (specifically Imitrex, Zomig, or Propanolol). There are no known medications that can be used specifically to treat this condition. Some specialists even suggest taking classes in relaxation techniques that might help to alleviate those headaches caused by stress.

    If you do experience significant pain that doesn’t go away within a short time after sex, then you should seek medical counsel from your physician. Additionally if you experience additional symptoms such as fainting, vomiting or irregular breathing or body movements you should seek immediate medical attention as this may be indicative of a stroke or other emergent medical situation (hypertension, aneurysm, etc.). If you experience these sharp pains for the first time, it is a good idea to consult a doctor and rule out high blood pressure as a cause, especially if there is a history of it in your family.

    For some specialized, technical information about these kinds of headaches, you can review this article. (PDF).